Product assortment

Young plants – plants for further production

Grafted conifers in a P9 container

This production branch specializes in propagating varieties of firs, spruces and pines. We perform grafting in winter using our own rootstocks. Our portfolio of such young plants is available in August of the same year as the grafting, after assessing the success rate and sorting products. Most diversified varieties are grafted in spruce species that are most adapted to our climate: Pinus sylvestris and Pinus mugo, and pines: Picea abies and Picea pungens. Our portfolio also includes other rare and desirable varieties. We sell a wide variety of noble conifers.

Grafted conifers in a 2-3 litre container

We offer the same wide assortment of varieties as in a P9 container after replanting in a larger 3 litre container, and after 2-3 years of growth. This is a perfect size for further cultivation in soil due to the resistance to mechanical damage and a well-developed root ball. After replanting to a larger container, we quickly obtain a fantastically looking product for retail customers.

Grafted deciduous trees

We cultivate different varieties of beech, as well as the most sought-after, red-leaved hanging forms of Fagus sylatica “Purpurea Pendula” and Fagus sylvatica “Purple Fountain”. Another exceptional product of this branch is the columnar hornbeam Carpinus betulus “Fastigiata”.

In addition to these, we sell slower growing trees intended for house gardens. They include dwarf varieties of catalpas, maples and cherries.
The new portfolio of grafted deciduous trees is available each year, beginning in August.

A separate item in our offer is the annual grafted ivy Parthenocissus tricuspidata “Veitchii” in a P7 container, intended for further production. Its sale begins in late May.

Plants for gardens


As part of the portfolio of plants ready for planting in home gardens, we offer grafted conifers of various growth forms and strengths, in containers C4-C20. We offer strongly growing varieties of pines and firs – typical “Christmas trees” and dwarf varieties with tight growth forms. We also graft spherical varieties on high rootstocks, in the form of a miniature tree.

We offer slow-growing varieties in decorative containers marked in the offer as C7 decor or C11 decor. They are perfect for customers wishing to decorate their balconies or terraces. These products also greatly improve the quality of displays in stores or garden centres.

Deciduous plants

For our garden customers, we cultivate dwarf varieties of hornbeams and maples. We also sell slow-growing beeches with various leaf colours, in containers C5-C20.

We cultivate ornamental deciduous shrubs, perennial plants and grasses for our store's inventory for retail customers and companies designing house gardens. Individual varieties are available in quantities under 300 items, retail and wholesale prices.

Trees cultivated on fields and in large sizes

We sell field-cultivated tress with root ball, wrapped in burlap and wire netting. All plants are nursed so that they can form proper underground parts. We dig trees using machinery, adjusting the root ball to the size of the tree. We categorize sizes by measuring the trunk circumference at the height of 1 metre. We dig trees using machinery, adjusting the root ball to the size of the tree.

Our assortment of deciduous alley trees includes columnar varieties of birches, beeches, oaks and hornbeams. In addition to these, we sell plane trees and tulip trees. Varieties suitable for solitary cultivation are trees with hanging twigs – “weeping” birch, beech and hornbeam varieties.

The assortment of large conifers includes the following species and their varieties: Serbian spruces, black pines, Himalayan pines, blue spruces and many other noble taxons.