Ogrody Daisy ogród pokazowy szkółki Tomżyński

We participated in Daisy’s Gardens!

We took part in an interesting event. In late May (20-22.05.2016), another edition of DAISY DAYS took place in Pszczyna. The event takes its name from the city’s icon and its most famous citizen, the English aristocrat, Mary Theresa Olivia Cornwallis-West, also known as Princess Daisy. Daisy’s Gardens are a part of DAISY DAYS, a three-day event, which combines various forms of artistic and educational activities under one brand, related to the princess, her actions and favourite activities. The Princess’ love for beautiful plants and gardens is well known. In keeping with this tradition, a group of nurserymen from southern Poland creates garden compositions at the town square in Pszczyna. We were there too. For the first time! We were mesmerized by the atmosphere of this beautiful place, the city authorities’ kindness, and great interest of visitors. Our gardens dedicated to Daisy were visited by 15,000 guests.

Information about Daisy’s Gardens for guests.

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