How to Buy?


We accept orders sent by email to Please place orders in the form of a list where each item is described by name, container and size. After receiving a written order, we confirm the available quantities and propose a delivery date. After physically preparing the plants for the dispatch, we send you a final confirmation.

You can make wholesale purchases of plants directly at the nursery, after notifying us about the visit. Please reserve more time in case of larger purchases. We remind you that our production takes place at two nurseries situated 20 km from each other, please take this into consideration. For the convenience of our customers, please place orders early. It will enable us to prepare the commodities and efficiently process your order. We are also fully open to direct sales. Please visit our nursery!


Grafted plants are our primary product. They can be easily damaged during transportation. This is particularly important for young plants in containers P9, P11, P15. Due to the possibility of the graft breaking off and destroying the plant, we recommend transporting young plants in horticultural boxes or on CC shelves. We can replace standard nursery boxes and CC shelves, which allows us to prepare the order for shipping. Older plants can be loaded separately or in pallet boxes. If transporting by freight forwarding or a courier service, it is necessary to place the plants in pallet boxes. We provide standard 120x100x120 and 100x80x80 pallet boxes. The package price is added to the invoice. Larger trees are appropriately secured for transport. Please notify us about transport method at the order placement stage.


We deliver throughout Poland. Cost of transport depends on distance and order size. We prepare quotes upon the customer's request.

Prepared orders can be collected from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturdays, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. On business days, until 3:00 PM, we provide our staff's support when loading larger amounts of plants or heavy trees. The nursery has two facilities: in Boronow and Czestochowa. The collection place depends on the order structure - we provide information about this at the confirmation stage.


We can deliver plants to all EU countries. Cost of transport depends on distance and order size. We prepare quotes upon the customer's request.

We are VAT registered. We are subject to 0% VAT when selling to EU customers. We add VAT (8%) if the customer is a holder of the EU tax identification number and provides us with documents confirming the delivery of commodities to the destination in an EU country (signed invoice, CMR, declaration of delivery of cargo to its destination).

Plants sold to EU countries receive passports confirming that they were produced at our nursery, registered at the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection, and that they are free from quarantine organisms.


We fill all necessary documents. We provide passports and the required plant health certificate issued by the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

We help customers outside EU with customs clearance by directing the recipient to the Customs Agency in Częstochowa, with whom we have a permanent contract.