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The nursery was built in 1981. It was conceived from the ground up, from the moment of graduating from the Faculty of Horticulture at the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw and receiving the Master of Science, Engineer diploma in “ornamental nursery.” Despite specific interests, for the first 10 years, we have been working in floral production. It was the only possibility in these difficult times. However, gardens and ornamental plants were always our great passion. Even then, we had been making our own collection of trees and shrubs. After great changes that took place in Poland in early 90s, we decided to change the production profile. Our purpose became the container production of high-quality ornamental plants for gardens, from the multiplication stage to selling the final product. We gained experience by attempting to work in many production branches. In time, the share of grafted conifers in total sales grew to such numbers, that we decided to make this our primary business. The collection of stock plants that we have been making since the beginning was conductive to this endeavour.

The 2004 was a breakthrough year for our business. We expanded the nursery with a new facility in Boronów, 20 km from the previous location. Thanks to the beneficial economic situation and EU funds, we were able to quickly launch production at the new location. At that time, we made the final decision that the nursery would specialize in grafting firs, spruces and pines. With a large area at our disposal, we were able to introduce field cultivation of conifers and selected species of alley trees. We spent the subsequent years on perfecting our portfolio – we expanded it with new variety and larger plant sizes. We also increased the export volume, first to the east, and recently also to old EU states.


This is how the beginnings looked

<span class="light">This</span> is how the beginnings looked

Deciduous plant containers

historia gospodarstwa tomzynski



The first nursery with the area of 3 ha is situated at the south-western peripheries of Częstochowa. It is fully engaged in container production and plastic tunnels. Here, we cultivate plants in containers for the local market, mainly deciduous stubs and conifers, propagated by cuttings. Our office that handles the entire company’s affairs is also situated in Częstochowa. Wholesale customers can learn about the specialized production of grafted plants at the display area for exemplary plants.

There is a retail plant sales outlet at the nursery in Częstochowa. Here, we invite customers searching for plants for their private gardens. A part of the area is dedicated to a garden that is available to customers.


The new nursery is situated in Boronów, Lubliniec County. It spans 18.5 ha of agricultural area, including 2.5 ha of a pond made by the accumulation of water in the river Liswarta. Currently, container production takes up 1.6 ha, while field production takes up 5 ha. A part of plants in containers is cultivated in modern plastic tunnels. The remaining area covers typical agricultural fields that provide crop rotation. A part of the area was dedicated to a 4-ha collection garden. Execution of this project is a great challenge.

Production is divided into several branches. There, we propagate firs, spruces, pines and larches by grafting. An important branch is the production of young plants and grafted plants in 2-3 litre containers, offered as intermediate products to other nurseries. The remaining branches include standard plants in 5-20 litre containers and XXL-size plants – splendid specimens in very large containers with volumes reaching 160 litres. Field production covers larger conifers and alley trees.



At our nursery, we successively expand the infrastructure used to produce ornamental plants. The entire area of the nursery, including field cultivation, is irrigated using an automatic irrigation system, which enables us to maintain the high quality of plants. We purchase fertilizers and crop protection products from reputable companies and use them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Thanks to this, we obtain very good results in the presentation of our plants and minimize detrimental effects of using chemical agents on the environment. Our pro-environmental activities include investing in a drainage system for the majority of the nursery’s production area. Thanks to this, we recycle some of the used water for reuse.


Many traditionally manual activities have been automated at our nursery. Thanks to specialized planting machinery, we obtain an even quality of entire batches of products in containers. We use machine removal of trees from the ground using “tree diggers” and, additionally, use loaders when transporting. This enables us to quickly execute orders, which is important for maintaining the quality of freshly dug trees.

Doorenbos birches – triple-trunk form.

<span class="light">Doorenbos</span> birches – triple-trunk form.

Triple-trunk form in a C160 container.